What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build28

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  • ODBC module
    On Windows NT a new module was developed that supports ODBC database access.

  • BASIC to C compilation
    Now this is possible to compile the BASIC programs to C. Formerly this feature was defective. The Users' Guide details how to compile the resulted C file to exe under Linux and Windows NT. The binary packages also deliver the necessary library files. Under Windows NT both Visual C++ and Borland C compilers are supported.

  • FileCopy and Name
    Two new commands are implemented into the core of the BASIC language to copy and to rename a file.

  • Randomize
    A new command RANDOMIZE was introduced to seed the random number generator.

  • GTK Visio module and Socket programming module
    Peter Van Eerten developed two modules available from his homepage http://members.home.nl/peter.van.eerten

    He is actively working on these modules, so it is worth looking at frequently.

    Still you may be interested reading the old news of previous builds.

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