cbbfc.bas Convert Basic Binary Format Command

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This program reads a ScriptBasic binary format file and replaces the leading interpreter specification by the one specified by the user.

For example a program was developed on a machine having scriba in the directory /usr/bin. The first line of the bbf file is then #!/usr/bin/scriba To run this bbf file without having the original source file on a machine having scriba on /usr/local/bin this first line has to be replaced. This is not a simple task, because the bbf file is binary.

The souce code of the file `cbbfc.bas' is:

cmdlin = command()
on error goto usage
if left(File@$,1) = "#" then
  i = 1
  while i < len(File@$) and mid(File@$,i,1) <> "\n"
    i = i+1
  if mid(File@$,i,1) = "\n" then
    File@$ = "#!" & Interpreter & mid(File@$,i,len(File@$))
  end if
  open FileName for output as 1
  binmode 1
  close 1
end if
print """Usage:

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