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ScriptBasic is an open source scripting implementation of the programming language BASIC. The language and the implementation make the software a considerable choice in many cases when there is a need for some scripting tool. This software can be used where traditionally Perl, Python, TCL or some other scripting interpreter is used.

The language itself is BASIC with powerful command set and large number of extension modules. The language was designed so that this is familiar for all BASIC programmers no matter which dialect one has experience with. Thus the learning curve of the language is very steep: you can start to write your first programs just in few minutes.

The interpreter is built modular, well documented, and easy to read source code and has well defined and documented interfaces. It is easy to embed the interpreter into an application and it is also easy to write external modules extending the language. Applications embedding ScriptBasic can build virtual machines in multiple or in single process running interpreters simultaneously independent of each other, but they can also execute multi-thread applications running interpreter threads that provide features for the BASIC programs running parallel to communicate to each other.

This means that ScriptBasic can be the language of choice in situations when the application programmer wants to implement some programmability feature into the application. It will attract the users of the application because there is no need to learn a new programming language at the time when they have to learn the functions of the application anyway. The programmer on the other hand has an easy job to integrate ScriptBasic into the application because it was designed for the purpose.

To sum up these in a listing the language and the implementation has the following features:

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