Run Time Options Handling

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@c Setting and getting option values

Each BASIC interpreter maintains a symbol table holding option values. These option values can be set using the BASIC command OPTION and an option value can be retrieved using the function OPTION().

An option has an integer value (long). Options are usually used to alter the behaviour of some commands or modules, altough BASIC programs are free to use any string to name an option. For example the option compare may alter the behavior of the string comparision function to be case sensitive or insensitive:

OPTION compare 1

Unitialized options are treated as being zero. There is no special option value for uninitialized options. In other words BASIC programs can not distinguish between unitialized options and options having the value zero.

This file contains the functions that handle the option symbol table. The option symbol tableis pointed by the field OptionsTable of the execution object. This pointer is initialized to be NULL, which means no options are available, or in other words all options are zero.

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