Functions implemented in this module

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The following subsections list the functions that are implemented in this module. The source text of this documentation was extracted from the source Documentation embedded in the C source as comment. Treat these subsections more as reference documentation and less tutorial like.

This module can and should be used to create the memory image for the executor module from the memory structure that was created by the module expression.

The memory structure created by expression is segmented, allocated in many separate memory chunks. When the module expression has been finished the size of the memory is known. This builder creates a single memory chunk containing all the program code.

Note that the function names all start with the prefix build_ in this module.

The first argument to each function is a pointer to a BuildObject structure that contains the "global" variables for the module. This technique is used to ensure multithread usage. There are no global variables which are really global within the process.

The functions in this module are:


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