Configuration File Handling

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ScriptBasic contains a fairly sophisticated configuration handling module. The configuration information is read each time the interpreter starts, therefore it is vital that the information can be processed fast even if the configuration data is complex. This can be the case because the configuration information may also contain data for external modules that the interpreter loads when it starts and the external modules can access it any time they run.

The configuration information for ScriptBasic has to be maintained in textual format in a file that has more or less LISP syntax.

The format of the text file version of the configuration information is simple. It contains the keys and the corresponding values separated by one or more spaces and new lines. Usually a key and the assigned value is written on a line. Lines starting with the character ; is comment.

The values can be integer numbers, real numbers, strings and sub-configurations. Strings can either be single line or multi-line strings starting and ending with three """ characters, just like in the language ScriptBasic or in the language Python.

Sub-configurations start with the character ( and are closed with the character ). The list between the parentheses are keys and corresponding values.

This text file has to be converted to binary format. The ScriptBasic interpreter loads this binary format into memory without processing its content, thus loading speed of the configuration information is limited only by IO.

When the interpreter or an external module needs some configuration information there are functions in this module that can search and read information from the configuration file.

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