ScriptBasic C API

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The ScriptBasic C API is the high level programming interface that any programmer wanting to embed ScriptBasic into any application should use. This is the interface that the readily available variations of ScriptBasic use. This interface provides a general, high level abstraction interface to the ScriptBasic compilation and run-time system.

The API provides easy to use, and simple functions that can be used straightforward as well as more sophisticated, complex, harder to understand functions for special purpose application. The programmer can start with the simple functions and use the more complex ones as he or she developer the needs not fulfilled with the simpler functions.

The API delivers an object oriented calling interface even though this API is purely C and not C++. The object oriented interface means that you have to call scriba_new to create a ScriptBasic object before any other call and you have to pass the returned pointer to each called function as first argument to operate on the actual BASIC program object.

This approach allow the programmer to allocate, load, compile, run, re-run, release multiple ScriptBasic programs even in multiple threads simultaneously with the limits that the operating system imposes not ScriptBasic.

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