9. RealConnect

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DB = ODBC::RealConnect(DSN,User,Password)

Use this fucntion to connect to an ODBC data source. The arguments are the DSN data source name as configured in the ODBC connection manager, the User user name, and the Password password.

The return value is the database handle to be used in consecutive calls to Query, FetchArray, FetchHash and Close. Note that this handle is a handle that ScriptBasic uses internally and is not the handle returned by the underlying ODBC functions. ScriptBasic, for security reasons keeps track of the handles using handle tables and return small integer numbers to the BASIC program to be used as reference.

You should not use any of these handles to perform any calculation other than passing them to the other functions to identify connections. You can, however freely copy these numbers from variable to the other, passing to fucntions and so on as they are simply small integer numbers.

If the connection can not be established for some reason the function raises a module specific error.

See also Connect, Error.

The function calls the underlying ODBC function SQLAllocHandle and SQLConnect.

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