1.25.2. AppInit

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=bold This function is not implemented in this module. This function is used by this module and the program using this module should provide this function. =nobold

This function is called by the function httpd practically before anything is done.

int AppInit(int argc,char *argv[],pHttpdThread pHT,void **AppData),

The httpd function passes the command line arguments back as it gets them plain. The pointer pApp points to an applicatrion specific void pointer that is initialized to be NULL and is guaranteed not been changed. The pointer to the same void pointer is passed also to AppStart. This pointer should be used to pass data between AppInit and AppStart.

The pointer pHT points to a HttpThread structure and the function AppInit can change the values of this structure.

The entry point of the function AppInit should be given to the function httpd as argument.

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