1.6.1. Header file for command building

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This file contains macros that help the command implementators to write easy, readable and compact code. The macros on one hand assume some variable naming, but on the other hand hide some details of the function calls.

For examples how to use these macros see the files in the commands directory of the source files. Note that some command implementation do not use these macros, because they do sophisticated and low level operations that have to deal with the interpreted code in more detail. However such a programming should not be neccesary to implement a new command or function for extending the language.

To implement a new command or function do the following:


This file is actually a header file. This is maintained in command.c to avoid accidental deletion of the command.h file. The file command.h is an intermediate file created from command.c using the Perl utility headerer.pl. Because all *.h files are intermediate it would have been dangerous to have command.h to be a source file.

The macros and types defined in this file:

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