Installation under Windows

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To install the software on Windows is quite easy. Extract the ZIP file into a temporary directory and start the executable `SETUP.EXE'.

Note that another file named `SBCAB.BIN' should be in the same directory where the program `SETUP.EXE' is. This file `SBCAB.BIN' contains the files in a compressed archive that the program `SETUP.EXE' reads and uses to install ScriptBasic.

After starting `SETUP.EXE' all you have to do is to specify the directory where you want to install ScriptBasic, and `SETUP.EXE' does the rest for you.

After you have installed ScritpBasic you can safely delete the files `SETUP.EXE' and `SBCAB.BIN' from the temporary directory. Do not delete `SETUP.EXE' that was copied into the installation directory. This is needed to uninstall ScriptBasic in case you want to uninstall it ever.

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