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To calculate values you will need expressions. The simplest expression is the one that contains only a constant number or string of the format described in the previous sections. A bit more complex expression contains variables, array elements, operators, function calls, and even parentheses.

ScriptBasic expression format is much the same as that of many other basic languages. The operators have precedence of the usual order, and you can alter the order of operator evaluation using parentheses. The operators are in order of precedence from the highest to the lowest:

These binary operators are evaluated from left to right. This means that 6-3+3 is 6 and not zero. This should be usual and obvious. 3 is subtracted from 6 and the last 3 is added to the result of the subtraction.

Operand types are not determined during compilation. There are no integer, real or string variables in ScriptBasic, any variable can hold any value (but only one at a time). Whenever a numeric operator gets a string value it converts the value automatically to numeric. The concatenation operator automatically converts the numeric operands to string.

Operators that work with both numeric and string operands do not convert the operands.

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