Bug Report 2001/10/19-v1.0b26-br06

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Bug Report id=2001/10/19-v1.0b26-br06
Affected versions:v1.0b26 Solaris only

Bug Description

ScriptBasic does not link on Solaris, the linker complains about missing function COMMAND_SEC.

Bug Reason, What Causes the Bug

The BASIC function SEC is implemented using the macro COMMAND(SEC). When this macro is invoked the string literal COMMAND_ and the macro argument SEC is supposed to be concatenated by the C macro preprocessor. Unfortunately on Solaris the macro SEC is defined in sys/time.h and thus the macro COMMAND is invoked with the argument: COMMAND(1). Finally the function COMMAND_1 is defined by the C compiler erroneously.


In the file commands/time.c the line
#undef SEC

has to be inserted before the definition of the macro TIMEFUN.

Bug Workaround Until Solution is Available

There is no workaround, the patch has to be applied in order to successfully compile the program under Solaris.



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