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Although ScriptBasic is open source its source code quality is above that of the average open source project. You can use, modify, embed into application ScriptBasic under the licence LGPL free of charge.

The starting L in front of GPL means Lesser thus you can use, modify and embed ScriptBasic even for commercial projects. When deciding what software to use for such a project often commercial, reliable support is a must. ScriptBasic is not without such a support.

The firm EMMANET is offering professional support for ScriptBasic on commercial basis called ScriptBasic Support+.

There are three types of professional support for ScriptBasic.

Remote support

Remote support is available world wide. This includes one working day eMail answer for any question, three day guaranteed bug fixes for any bug reported, remote ssh support upon request for installation and trouble shooting and phone support during Europe daytime.

list price USD200/month + VAT invoiced quaterly in advance

Special Development

The ScriptBasic development team may accept development requests professionally. In case you need some special feature in ScriptBasic or a special purpose module you can contract EMMAnet Bt. to do the work. The actual development will be done by the ScriptBasic developers. The developed code will belong to you, but in case you decide to release it under GNU GPL or LGPL licence you will get price reduction.

price depend on the actual development and to be negotiated

On-site support/training

On-site support delivers knowledge transfer, training and should usually used by ScriptBasic module developers or by firms developing application that embed ScriptBasic. This training and consultation is usually a four day course that is tailored according to the needs of the customer. Video recording of the courses is also possible. The timing, duration, location and course details should be negotiated.

On-site support is available in Europe. On-site support in the USA and in other non-Europe countries should be negotiated and timing also depends on visa conditions.

price USD1000/four day course + VAT plus travel and lodging costs. Travel cost can be calculated 0.2USD/km from Budapest/Hungary. 50% of the total cost is invoiced in advance and payment should arrive one day prior start of travel. 50% is invoiced after the training has been finished.

To request more information on Support+ write a mail to

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