Bug Report 2001/12/23-v1.0b27-br02

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Bug Report id=2001/12/23-v1.0b27-br02
Affected versions:v1.0b27 and previous versions

Bug Description

The Eszter SB Application Engine (sbhttpd) can not find and execute BASIC programs that are located in subdirectories of the configured web server home directory or execute the programs having the same name in the home directory.

Bug Reason, What Causes the Bug

If the URL contains file path and not only a plain path the program starts to search a matching virtual directory. If there is none it uses the web server home directory. After the home or a virtual directory path gets into the appropriate variable the program appends the file name from the URL. This is erroneous in case of the web server home directory, because in this case the full path has to be appended.


The next release will deliver a corrected version. The modification to the file variations/https/websrv.c needed:
<   if( s )
>   if( s ){
<   else
>     strcat(szInputFile,sn);

>     }else{
<   strcat(szInputFile,sn);
>     s = pT->pszQueryString;
>     if( *s == '/' )s++;
>     strcat(szInputFile,s);

>     }

Bug Workaround Until Solution is Available

Define a virtual directory for each subdirectory that is below the web server home directory having the same virtual name as the physical directory.



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